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At Body Relate, we pride ourselves on meeting you exactly where you're at, offering functional pathways that allow you to release the stress of your life situation and return to your centre, with tools to empower you to live a rich and effective lifestyle, in whatever way that translates to you. So join us, and dive into the ocean of your potential.



Dan Winter - Zenthai Shiatsu

Zenthai Shiatsu

A rhythmic unwinding of the body. Combining elements of Shiatsu with Osteopathic techniques and Traditional Thai Massage. Focussing on fluid movement and active breathwork to facilitate a deeper letting go. A definite must if you're a lover of flow.

Dan Winter - Zenthai Shiatsu

Health + Lifestyle coaching

Identify and act on key areas of your life that build resilience, create balance and provide your body with the resources required to heal. Identify dysfunctional patterns and forge the self-acceptance to grow beyond them. Level-up your self-care and live the life you were designed for.

Dan Winter - Zenthai Shiatsu

Structural Therapy

Combining massage, pattern recognition, nerve tracking and manipulation to address dysfunction at its root and align the body for better performance.



To create a culture of empowerment through educational tools that inspire a deepened relationship with the intelligence of the body.


I offer education and functional tools that support others to deepen the relationship with their body, build trust within themselves that is unshakable and make fully informed decisions around their health and lifestyle that activate their passion and purpose. Feeding the collective cultural healing of earth.



We are the sum product of the habits we choose.

Habits of movement

Habits of thought

Habits of behaviour


We can either be reacting to life, or responding to life.

When we don't understand, we REACT. When we DO understand, we RESPOND.


When we invest ourselves in learning to understand our own behavioural tendencies, our limiting patterns become more clear, and so do the reasons why we continue to choose them. 


This inward exploration aids in discovering the tools we require to reshape our story, shift the dysfunctional behaviour, and craft the body, mind and lifestyle that is uniquely ours, and only ours, to live.


Get informed.

Cultivate an effective lifestyle.




Ever, since I can remember, my mind has been curious about human potential. I can remember as a child, having visions, experiencing myself still active and able at over 100 years old. I’ve always had a keen interest in experimenting with myself to learn how I can function better. From travelling globally, exploring ancient healing techniques, to brewing homemade herbal elixirs, to extended fasts and cleansing protocols, I’ve always held a fascination with the optimization of my body and mind.

About Me


"He has given my quality of life back. I no longer suffer Vertigo, and my back pain is completely manageable."


Rohan Gamble - Carpenter

"My session with Dan Winter was revelatory. His work was gentle, confident, transformative"


Philip Shepherd,  Worldwide embodiment leader and author of Radical Wholeness and New Self, New World.

"Dan has a great intuition when it comes to bodywork. I felt completely relaxed in his presence and felt my body had true healing after our session."

Millicent Kruger - Multimedia Artist



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Dan Winter - Zenthai Shiatsu


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