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A rhythmic unwinding of the body. Combining elements of Shiatsu with Osteopathic techniques and Traditional Thai Massage. Focussing on fluid movement and active breathwork to facilitate a deeper letting go. A definite must if you're a lover of flow.

Dan Winter - Zenthai Shiatsu

"attentive, emotionally sensitive and astute …I found his insights and advice useful for my own health journey."
- Raine, Musician



Identify and act on key areas of your life that build resilience, create balance and provide your body with the resources required to heal.

Identify dysfunctional patterns and forge the self-acceptance to grow beyond them. Level-up your self-care and live the life you were designed for.

Dan Winter - Zenthai Shiatsu

"Dan’s knowledge of the human body, his ability to connect with the patient, and his desire to heal the whole person make him an exceptional practitioner."


- Toni Bassett - Retired School teacher



Combining massage, pattern recognition, nerve tracking and manipulation to address dysfunction at its root and align the body for better performance.

Dan Winter - Zenthai Shiatsu

"He has fine tuned my body for Australian titles"
- Javan pines Pro boxer, Kickboxer, MMA and Muay-Thai fighter 


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